Partnership Program

Partnership Program

Here's an opportunity for you to increase your sale and traffic!

You have online shop, but you see amount idle amount of sale and traffic. Fret not! We have a program that will definitely help you. Not sure how it works? It’s pretty simple we’ll advertise your online shop on our site. Consumers that visit our site will also visit your online shop. Besides, we have a stable growth of visitors every month--doubling every month.

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This package will be available to you at the cost of P10,500. Once payment is done and received on our end. We’ll then proceed with checking the availability of the advertising section on our website. Once that’s a green light, we’ll put up your online shop together with 3 promotions.

The promotions have to be active and also legitimate. A small tip, you can always check if these coupon codes and promotions are valid on your store. We’re not responsible for any invalid deals you’ve provided us--plus we want to make sure we give our visitors the best user experience there is. Get in touch with us now via

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