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Canva - Free design tool for all PCs

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Canva Pro - Only $12.95 per month for up to 5 users

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Resume template - Create your resume online with Canva!

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Canva graph maker - Online graph and chart templates and designs

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Welcome to every graphic designer's first choice! Canva is a free to use platform for designers to explore and create endless interesting social media postings, presentations, posters and other visual contents. Canva caters to the needs of fresh and experienced graphic designers as they are very user friendly. We live in a bustling busy era and the best way to get a persons attention is with a loud noise or something visual be it scrolling on their phone, laptop or while watching television. With Canva, many have produced their best works and deliver the highest quality of finishing products. Canva's tools are easy to use with their simple drag and drop feature that you can easily combine with their professional layouts and create compliment worthy work.

Canva Philippines is the first choice for many graphic designers because not only are they free but they also have millions of images, fonts, templates and illustrations that are made available freely for anyone with the desire to design something online. Canva has professionally designed templates you can use as well as edit designs and you are also able to upload your own photos. Canva is a popular platform because of how userfriendly they are and has 20 million active users across 190 countries; Founded in Australia the year of 2012, Canva has been a great money-saving tool to help reduce the cost for a lot of businesses with their marketing materials.

Better Results with Canva

Even though Canva is free to use they also have paid subscriptions you can pay for at a small amount to have even more tools you can use like their Canva Pro and Canva for Enterprise. Canva is a great platform to use because they are continuously updating their website and app version to provide users with only the best tools to produce the best results. Canva now has the option of taking your videos another level by adding music from their 25 000 audio track collection which is also royalty-free. Make your Facebook shop look even more interesting with their collection of templates to help you stand out.

Canva App

Want to make your life as a graphic designer even easier? Download the Canva app onto your phones or tablets and you can design anywhere and anytime on the go. With Canva available on the iOS app and the android app you can also make your presentation easier with a touch more personal for that edge.

Print with Canva

Ever got stuck wondering how to get your finishing products printed with the quality intact? Canva has that option for you to make your life a whole lot easier by making their services not only helpful but convenient. With Canva, you can print your designs on T-shirts, rack cards, trifold brochures, stickers & labels, posters, business cards, gift certificates, cards, postcards, wedding invitations, flyers, event invitations, letterheads and more. Canva made sure to partner up with the best print providers to guarantee quality for their customers and always the best service. You can also get your printed products within 3-5 working days at no extra cost as Canva wants to ensure that no precious time is wasted.

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