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No matter what people say, food is ultimately what makes the world go round. Humans have gone to great lengths and developed insane techniques in the pursuit of the perfect meal. As the world becomes progressively busier, we have less and less time to source for food. Fast food delivery was the first to hit our shores but there was a vacuum of food delivery that is not fast food. Enter foodpanda Philippines. With the unique selling proposition to deliver food to you no matter where you are, the startup aims to take sourcing for food out of your daily equation.

Offering delivery from more than 1000 restaurants across the Philippines, they ensure that visitors to their site will always be spoilt for choice in what to order. Quickly gaining traction among the working class, this online food delivery service is now the most popular choice in getting food delivered to where you are.

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At we strive to give you better prices for your food deliveries. We know the bill for these deliveries can quickly build up so we want to provide you with ways on how you can reduce your meal costs. Every day, our voucher hunters will search all over the internet to find some of the best coupon codes and deals to give you discounts on your delivery service. Depending on timing, these promo codes can be in the form of percentage discounts like 10% off, 20% or 35% off or they can also be in the form of buy 2 for the price of 1. If you are lucky, sometimes restaurants throw in a free side for every order that you make. Saleduck Philippines aims to be the one stop centre for all your couponing needs, so you need to check our site first before making your purchase. Also, check in often and regularly so that you are not missing out on any deals that could turn out to be the deal of the year. But what if you are too busy to check our site? We hope that is not the case and you make time to do so because we have the hottest deals in town but should you be too busy, then the smart thing to do is to sign up for our newsletter. Let us do the hard work for you and compile all the latest and greatest deals and coupon codes for your convenience. With just a single click, you can access our newsletter in your inbox and just browse through for the code that you need. No more wasting time searching and hunting for that one elusive code that is going to give you discounts for your purchase.

Convenience at your doorstep

Food delivery services is such a huge boon in today's lifestyle as it provides you with the convenience and time saving unheard of before. Whether you are too busy to prepare for a party or in bed sick with the flu, foodpanda ensures that your food arrives right on time just the way you like it. In just four simple steps, your favourite food will arrive right at your doorstep. First, just key in the area you live in and choose from the available restaurants. Browse through the hundreds of items on their menu. Once you've decided what you want to eat, choose your payment options and your order will be on the way to your location. The best bit is, foodpanda also indicates how long it takes for your order to arrive, so that you can plan your meals ahead.

Many ways to pay - to add to the convenience, foodpanda also allows you to choose your method of payment. You can either specify that you want to pay with your credit card or other online payment method. Alternatively if you don't have any online banking facility, just specify that you would like to pay on delivery and you'll be able to do so. Nothing can stop you from getting the food you crave!

Deals of the week - on the homepage, there is also a section called deals of the week. Click on it and the site will display the restaurants that are offering discounts on their menu. Great for those times when you are on a budget but cannot get off from work. Better yet, sign up for their newsletter and you will receive all the latest deals straight to your inbox and never miss out on any of their great offers.

Mobile app - don't let the fact that you are not in front of a computer hold you back from ordering your favourite meal. With the foodpanda App available in App Store and Google Play, get to enjoy your meal anytime anywhere you may be.

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