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If you are of the age demographic of between 18-35 years old, congratulations! You are the most prolific demographic to shop online according to numerous online surveys. You are also in the age range of people with the most specific wants when shopping the internet. You have a very good idea of what you want, are willing to sacrifice a bit to get them and would like to spend the least amount to get it if possible. Enter Contiki holidays, an online travel agency site specially engineered for people in your age range. With ###NoRegrets as their tagline they promise travelling as a way of life where you experience the best of what your destination can give you instead of taking you to a tourist trap. They intend to change your perspective of the world by making you walk in the shoes of others and to foster the understanding that everyone is different and it is this difference that make us unique. Pretty big aspirations for a newcomer to the scene. Check them out at

Contiki promo code & discount

One thing about Contiki is the fact that they cater to the have-nots as well as to the haves, so you have a flexible itinerary and accommodation that will suit your wallet. With that being said, travelling ideally should not be costly considering the fact that those that patronise Contiki are hardly those in the affluent category. In order for you to get more bang for your buck, we at Saleduck has several hacks that you can utilise in order to make your getaway that much cheaper.

In our webshop, we try to compile the best deals and discounts that you can get for Contiki. This way, when you book your Contiki tours and vacation, all you need to do is check for the relevant discounts that you can use in our webshop and enter it when you are about to pay for your Contiki Europe package. Less cost for your trip and more money for you to spend on the thing that matters on your getaway.

These promo codes and vouchers can be of many different forms. They can be 10% off from your trip or 20% off from the ground transport that you choose. There are also other codes that give you free meals or even complementary services that you may find useful on your trip. In order not to miss out on any of these great deals, what you need to do is to regularly check on our website for the latest deals and you are on your way to get a great holiday at a fraction of their original price.

Another great way that you can do to keep yourself in the loop for new Contiki promo codes and deals is to sign up for our newsletter. What we do is, the best Contiki discount codes that we find within a certain time period gets included in our newsletter. These are the Contiki coupon codes that give you the best discounts or the ones that you would be most interested in. These gets sent via email to our subscribers. This way, when you need to find an interesting code or a good deal for you to shop online, you don't have to necessarily visit our pages to find them. Just check out your inbox and you will find the best codes that we have.

Travel with a Difference with Contiki

One thing that separates Contiki tours Europe from other online travel agencies is the fact that they don't just sell you trips. They sell you unique experiences depending on what type of preference that you have for your holidays. Either you are looking for a High Energy trip where you visit all the iconic places by day and spend the night partying with the locals or something more laid back Easy Pace trip where you take your time to savour your day, you can find it all on the site.

Contiki vacations doesn't boast of having all the destinations under the sun, but those that they offer are truly great experience that will definitely enrich your life and leave you with valuable memories of your trip. For example, go on the ultimate 8 day Inca trail where you get to experience the culture of the Incas in Latin America by visiting all their cities and revelling in their by gone era. Or if you prefer something slow paced in Europe, you can go on a 9 day Contiki trip to former Iron Curtain countries and experience their iconic culture while exploring exotic castles and palaces.

Your wallet is not that thick? Contiki travel understands you. That is why they have introduced more ways for you to save more on your holidays and get more bang for your buck. Book your holidays early on to get some early bird Contiki discounts. By booking early, you get access to cheaper prices from tour operators by guaranteeing them business from early on. What happens if you did not get the chance to book early? Then an option would be for you to book super late. Granted, the options are less, but for the ones that are still available, tour operators are keen to fill their books till the last minute. So you might find some good deals for last minute tours on the site. Also, Contiki rewards you if you are a returning visitor to the site. Repeat travellers are given percentage discounts and those that are willing to share accommodations get to save even more. Check out their site to learn of more ways on how to save money on that dream vacation that you want.