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Lalamove Philippines

Lalamove is a 24/7 on-demand delivery app where you can find effective, and affordable delivery solutions.

Lalamove Delivery

Lalamove provides fuss-free delivery services via motorcycle, sedan & MPV for areas in Greater Manila and Cebu.

People also want to know

Lalamove's customer service operates from Monday - Friday (except Holidays) 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM.
You can contact Lalamove's customer service via chat or for any automotive concerns.
Lalamove motorcycles and trucks delivery is available at any time of the day.
It varies according to the vehicle of your choice. It starts from ₱50 as its base fare. You can deliver items up to 300kg.

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Lalamove PH

Formerly known as EasyVan, Lalamove provides you with the most logistical easy solution with a few vehicular options up for hire to adhere to your needs. Starting grounds in Hong Kong in late 2013, Lalamove has progressed and now is operating in 100+ cities across Mainland China, Southeast Asia, and India. To date, Lalamove has 15 000 000 million satisfied registered customers across their reach with 2 000 000 essential drivers to operate trucks, vans, and motorcycles. Moving and delivery made easy!

Lalamove has successfully revolutionized the traditional van hiring call system by streamlining it and connecting both customers and drivers easily within seconds. Their local delivery service has an amazing fulfilment breakneck of 55 minutes from door to door. Lalamove's efficiency is also one of the contributing factors to its success and the maximisation of revenue thanks to their optimization of delivery routes which effectively shortens the delivery duration as well as reducing fuel consumption

Lalamove delivery

Have your goods delivered the smarter way when you employ the Lalamove delivery system. Lalamove offers 24/7 on-demand deliveries with your choice of either same-day or advance booking services. You can count on Lalamove to deliver anything between small goods be it documents or small items quickly and safely to large precious cargo ranging from furniture, construction materials or household electrical items with the right vans and lorries to match your every need, and even precious valuable items with their fully insured service. With the rigorous training of Lalamove workers, you can sit back and relax knowing your goods will be delivered with the utmost care.

Lalamove rates

There are many types of Lalamove delivery and their rates to go along with them. They have standard extra charges for each vehicle after a certain distance which are still very affordable. Keep in mind that they will also have additional services such as delivery insurance, loading services, door to door service, waiting fees, parking charges, cancellation fees, oversized item charges, and special request fees. One of the benefits of Lalamove is that they have a 0-holiday service surcharge so you won't have to worry about more extra charges. Lalamove is very open about their services by making sure all their customers are aware of everything they are paying for without any hidden charges.

Lalamove App

Download the Lalamove app now to enjoy stress-free solutions to your delivery problems with just a few taps on your mobile devices. Every information you will need will be on it with their easy displays and in-placed system. Convenient for you whenever you need any of their services to have their app readily installed on your mobile devices so you won't have to think every time to find the service anytime you need it.

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