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London Pass

London Pass started in 1999 when the founders discovered that there is a demand for organised tours of tourist attractions in the city of London, England. London is well known for its rich heritage and culture and is a quintessential historic destination when you come to the United Kingdom. The many historic places and arts centres resulted in many parties offering guided tours and holding events within the city. More often than not, tourists find it time consuming to wait inline at each attraction just to buy a ticket when they visit London. Thus London Pass was born. Visitors to London now has the convenience of an online one stop centre where they can buy a pass that allows them entrance to all participating popular tourist attractions in London without having to get tickets for each one individually. So if you plan to visit London, and want to make the best of your time, make sure you check out London Pass to get access to the London Transport network easily.

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There are so many things to see and do in this capital city of the UK. The London Eye, the Royal Albert Hall, London Zoo, Westminster Abbey, The British Museum, The Queen's Gallery, Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, Hyde Park, Big Ben; the list goes on. All the tours are undoubtedly exciting but can quickly cost a bomb if you plan to go for all of them. Fortunately for you, Saleduck Philippines is here to help. For your information, many companies do promotions for London Pass and offer their promotion codes and discounts on the internet. Unfortunately, if you try to track down all the available promotions it will consume a lot of time. So, we strive to make Saleduck a one stop centre where you can find all the valid codes and deals online. Everyday, our employees venture forth into the internet to look for any deals or coupon codes available for London Pass. All these codes are then compiled into our webshop for your convenience. All you have to do when you make your purchase is to just come visit us before you check out so that you can make use of a coupon code to make your purchase cheaper.

We also send out a newsletter that contains the best codes that we can find. So, if you would like to save more time, just subscribe to our newsletter and you can get our special London Pass promo codes and deals straight to your inbox. No more wasting time hunting for coupons, exciting travel packages and affordable travel deals!

London's top tourist attractions

So much to see, so little time. London is famous for its attractions and due to its fame, thousands flock to these spots every year. Buying tickets can be a time consuming experience of long queues and frayed nerves. Thankfully London Pass allows you to purchase a prepaid card that you can use to enter these attraction spots. The pass is available in set number of days; so you have a 1-day pass, 2-day pass and so on. If you go to any participating attraction, just furnish you pass and you don't have to get any tickets. So for example, if you go for a tour of the Tower of London, instead of queuing for tickets that goes for about GBP20, just follow the London Pass lane and cut the long queue. The counter will automatically deduct your ticket price and you are all set for your tour. Easy isn't it?

Another plus point is that the "purse size' of your pass i.e. the amount of money it contains is not the same as the money you pay for the pass. For instance, the 6-day pass will set you back GBP129 but the purse value is close to GBP600! Not only are you saving time by cutting cues, you also get more bang for your buck when you go for tours.

London Pass also offers the Oyster Travel Card. This card is a prepaid card for public transport in London that you can use in conjunction with your London Pass. No more hassle in buying train or bus tickets just to get to your destination. Just produce your Oyster Travel Card and get on public transports hassle free. Just so you know, the London Hop On Hop Off Bus Tour and the Thames River Cruise are considered attractions and not transports; so you need your London Pass for those.

So now you have your London Pass and Oyster Travel Card, but where do you go? Fear not, London Pass has also made available a guidebook especially for you. In it, you can find the details of all the participating attractions that you can go for and how to get to each one. This makes it possible for you to arrange your daily schedule to maximise your experience of London. Maybe historic places one day where you tour the Windsor Castle, Hampton Courts and Tower of London and another day where you do a sports tour by visiting the Wembley Stadium and The Etihad Stadium where Arsenal plays. Your choice and made possible by the London Pass Guidebook.