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Tripsta PH

If you are looking for a hassle free way to plan your flight itinerary, you might want to consider booking your ticket via Tripsta Philippines. What is Tripsta? Tripsta is an online flight planning website that serves worldwide customers. Via its flight booking online website, you can input your departure city, destination and date; and the website will provide you with several route options. This gives you the freedom to chose the one most suitable depending on travel time and budget.

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Plan your trip with ease

The wide range of destinations available on Tripsta means that you can easily input any destination on the planet and their algorithm will instantly connect you through all the necessary airlines to your destination. I actually tried to book a flight to Musoma Airport, Tanzania from Manila just to see if they can manage my itinerary without tripping. Lo and behold, Tripsta actually came back with three route options. Pretty impressive. Of course, it is very rare for a person to actually be required to take that trip, but it is nice to know that you can do it if you need to.

Coming back to more mainstream destinations, the site also has offers of cheaper flights especially if you book in advance. At the time when I checked for offers, Manila to Taipei is only PHP7000++ and Manila to Tokyo is PHP21,000 for a round trip. The prices are pretty decent, and depending on you departure date, it is very probable that you can find cheaper rates to these destinations as well.

To make things more hassle free for you, Tripsta Philippines also offers you various add ons to make your journey more enjoyable. For a nominal extra charge, you can get Money Back Guarantee from Tripsta. This will give you or your family members a refund of your flight ticket in the event of sudden illness, accident or death. There is also protection against airline insolvency that you can purchase as well. Should the airline whose tickets you bought suddenly goes bankrupt, this protection plan will refund the price of your flight ticket or re-book a ticket for you with another airline.

With more than 1 million passengers served annually, Tripsta must be doing something right. They provide you with secure payment options to guarantee that your payment is rightfully received and no double billing is mistakenly done. Their algorithm is also continuously improved to give you the best flight options to whichever destination you choose.

In terms of customer satisfaction, Tripsta actually did a survey asking about customer feedback on their services. The reply was more than 97% of users found the booking was quick and easy and would re-book with Tripsta. A staggering 100% of users also replied that they trust Tripsta to do their flight booking for them. Based on this high numbers, you can be confident that Tripsta Philippines is a quick, easy and secure way of planning your flight.