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Airbnb PH

Embarking on a new adventure in a foreign place can be simultaneously overwhelming and exhilarating. This is where steps in. The website takes the conventional, sometimes sterile concept of staying in hotels when you travel and turns it on it heels by creating a platform that allows users to book and list real living spaces all over the world online or through a mobile app.

Founded in 2008, the company began its meteoric rise within the walls of CPO and co-founder Joe Gebbia's apartment in San Francisco, California- during a time when the very notion of renting a room in a stranger's apartment for a weekend getaway was deemed crazy, much less in a stranger's home across the world.

Today however, it lists 2,000,000 accommodations in over 191 countries, connecting over 60, 000,000 guests to hosts from around the world with a business model that is sustained by its global community of givers, sharers and believers. So to anyone who asks the question, what is Airbnb? yes, it is a room rental service but it is also a creator of experiences, a forger of relationships and a maker of memories all rolled into one.

How does Airnbnb Work?

Whether you're on a work trip in New York City and looking for a hip boutique apartment to call home for the next couple of days or if you're looking to take the road less travelled and kip out in a secluded treehouse in Costa Rica during your next vacation, Airbnb hosts never cease to amaze with the incredibly unique and creative living spaces that are up for grabs. Not just limited to vacation rentals, guests can even book long term rooms for rent and office spaces from Berlin to London to Paris to Barcelona. Here's how you can start booking and travelling with Airbnb Philippines.

Complete Your Profile

Let hosts know a little bit about you before you request a reservation. Think of this process as introducing yourself to your host before crashing at their place. Include photos, a short paragraph about yourself and other verification factors that will provide assurance to potential hosts that you're not an alien.

Find Your Home Away From Home

Start searching for a place to stay! Castles, yurts, wagons, houseboats and private islands- these are just some of the accommodation types that you can rent. Remember to include in the number of guests along with your arrival and departure dates to get the most accurate price listing. Go through customer reviews and read up on the location and address, amenities and house rules to make sure that the place you pick is most suited to your needs. If there are questions you have that are unanswered on the listing page, you can always get in touch with the host to find out more.

Lock it in

Once you've found the perfect place, book it! There are two forms of booking methods via Airbnb Philippines and they are:

Instant Book

This lets you confirm reservations on the spot and is enabled by hosts who don't want to approve each reservation that comes their way. For this form of booking, you will see an 'Instant Book' button on the listing.

Request to Book

The preferred method amongst most hosts. You'll see a button saying 'Request to Book', click on it to submit your request and enter your payment details. Your reservation will be confirmed once the host approves your request within 24 hours.

Coupons on Airbnb

Airbnb Philippines is all about sharing so why not invite your friends to become part of the community. Share your unique referral code on either Facebook or Twitter or send them an email. Each code you send to your friends is worth P678 in Airbnb credits and you get P678 when they travel and P2,033 when they host a guest.

Here at, we also want you guys to make the most out of your savings which is why we provide you guys with the latest deals, coupon codes, promo codes, and offers. We update regularly too which mean that everything you see is fresh off the racks.

Supporting Features

For guests and hosts alike, Airbnb's official website contains an abundance of information that both guests and hosts can use to their full advantage. From inspiring stories to safety tips, here are some of the features and services that members can utilise.

Blog. Find out more about the communities that represent this incredible platform or learn about how Airbnb positively impacts the lives of the people who use it. All the stories are here.

Customer Support. Questions and concerns? Get answers to your queries here at Airbnb's help center.

Mobile App. Download the mobile app and explore and host on the go. Manage your bookings and listings wherever you may be.

Social Media. Get regular news updates and check out incredible photos and videos from Airbnb Philippines and its users around the world on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest and Google+

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