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Tenso Japan Discounts and Promotions for July 2024

Get 5% off on EMS rates when you forward your Japanese shipping via Tenso Japan

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Up to USD18 off international shipping with this Tenso Japan promo

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Flat USD1.30 (P66) low handling fee when you use Tenso Japan to forward your purchases to the Philippines

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Save up to 50% off combining service fee via Tenso Japan

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JPY300 off Get JPY300 off on international shipping fees with this Tenso Japan promo code CG6HK9TR

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Tenso Japan

Are you a fan of products from Japan? Did you see a product you liked on a Japanese website only to silently weep because they don't ship outside Japan? Fret not, now with Tenso Japan, you can shop on any Japanese online shop and never have to worry about shipping ever again. What Tenso Japan does for you is that they become a Japan proxy for your purchases. They will accept all the packages from the online shops in the country and send it over to you. They even have extra services like combining packages together, warranty and insurance will make your experience shopping in Japan even easier.

Tenso Japan coupon code

The idiosyncrasy and uniqueness of products from Japan have long make them highly desirable worldwide. From the cute to the totally bizarre you know that they have it all. Fans have been pursuing and collecting these products for a long time and with the advent of online shopping, this quest have been made easier. Now Tenso Japan offers freight forwarding services for Japanese stores that don't ship to the Philippines. Even though their rates are among the lowest, any shipping cost will undoubtedly increase the price of any items you buy. This is where Saleduck comes into the picture. With deals and discounts available for Tenso Japan services, we will make the process of delivering your dream item to your doorstep cheaper and easier.

There are many types of Tenso Japan discount code and deals online that you can find on our pages. Some give you discount on the prices like 10% off or even P100 off from your rates. There are also other types of promo code that may give you free services even an upgrade on your shipping type. All you have to do in order not to miss out on many of the exciting deals and discounts that we have is by checking in on our website often. Alternatively you could also subscribe to our newsletter, where we include all our best Tenso Japan coupon code that we have at that time. This way you become up to date on our offers through the convenience of your inbox.

Freight forwarding from Japan with Tenso Japan

Featuring one of the lowest priced freight forwarding service for Japan online shopping, Tenso Japan makes your process of shipping Japanese goods to the Philippines easier. One of the better courier services in Japan, it has several features that will make you chose it to transport you goods from Japan.

Fast Shipping Fee Notification - Once your purchases arrive at their collection centre, in 1 - 2 days you will receive a notification on how much you have to pay for get your stuff shipped to your doorstep. It used to be that you get the notification on the same day, but now due to the large volume of packages that they receive, you will get your notification at the next day at the latest.

5% off EMS rates - If you want to use express shipping to courier your packages, Tenso Japan gives you 5% discount on all products that you send via EMS.

Low handling fees - Usually, handling fees for packages are determined by volume and weight; not at Tenso Japan. Even for the heaviest packages, the handling fee is a flat JPY150. Combined with the low EMS fee, this makes the courier the cheapest one in Japan.

Loyalty Programme - Tenso Japan also gives out loyalty points when you use their services. Every point that you receive is equivalent to 1 Yen. You can trade in 100 points to reduce your charges by JPY100. This service is only available to buyers outside of Japan.

Appliance Repair Service - In order to put more value into ints services, Tenso Japan also offers home appliances repair support service. Whether something that you bought previously is now broken or you receive a defective merchandise, Tenso Japan provide service plans that you can subscribe to. Plus, if a forwarded home appliance breaks down due to spontaneous failure within 3 years, you are entitled to a free repair from Tenso Japan.

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